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We are an Australian developer of landscape software for landscape professionals. Applications and tools developed by us include:

  • gCADPlus – a landscape CAD application for professional landscape designers with an emphasis on the inclusion of helpful tools for rating a design for sustainability,
  • GardenCAD – is a low cost ($AUD 49.95 ) CAD application for garden designers. Existing GardenCAD users can upgrade their copy of GardenCAD at any time for a copy of gCADPlus – aka GardenCAD Plus. Please contact us for details.
  • SppDb – a personal plant database application designed to work with landscape CAD programs such as gCADPlus,
  • TINMaker – a tool for generating surface meshes for terrain modelling, 
  • AutoCAD 2D  – free plant symbol libraries for use with AutoCAD in the metric and Imperial (USA) environments.

 Dr. Keith West.