HackCAD/CAM a  full featured 2D CAD and CAM application.

CAD/CAM applications can be used both to design a product and exporting CNC code for machining. Models are developed in HackCAD and toolpaths exported for manufacture of parts. A unique feature of HackCAD is that it presents an integrated development environment where Visual Basic and Object Pascal (Delphi) applications can be developed to enhance and automate the process.
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Dr. Keith West, Design Cad.

Main CAD features:
  • Entities:  Point, Line, Polyline, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Rectangle, Text (single, multiline, arc), Hatch, Dimension (rotated, aligned, angular, ordinate, radial, diameter), Leader
  • Raster images of various formats: BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, PCX, etc., 
  • Handles huge ER Mapper Compressed Wavelet (ECW) and Jpeg2000 images
  • With TWAIN support you can acquire images directly from scanners and digital cameras
  • Named objects: Block, Layer, Linetype, Text Style, Dimension Style, Multiline style, Layout (paper space)
  • Supports Windows TTF fonts and AutoCAD SHP/SHX fonts
  • Supports AutoCAD hatch patterns (PAT) and linetypes (LIN)
  • Edit operations with entities: Copy, Move, Rotate, Scale, Mirror, Explode, Erase, Join, Offset, Trim, Extend.
  • Single objects can be edited by moving their control points (grips)
  • Various snap modes allows you to draw/edit objects accurately without tedious calculations
  • Snapping modes use ID markers to enhance operator speed and vision.
  • Superior Polar Tracking capability
  • Command line interface offers exact placement of objects. You can enter values for coordinates, lengths and angles from keyboard using AutoCAD nomenclature
  • Event-driven mechanism allows your application to control user’s actions with a drawing
  • Zoom capabilities allows you to view the entire drawing or any desired part of it.
  • Mouse Wheel supports real-time Zoom and Pan. Double click for zoom extents.
  • Access to all the properties of any object, either programmatically or via dialogs
  • A unique identifier for each drawing object facilitates external database referencing
  • Interface commands can be assigned directly to an application’s menus, buttons and accelerator keys
  • Export / import of drawings with various file format via plugins
  • The plugin interface is open for developers
  • Can be programmed to read / write AutoCAD DXF drawings format
  • Save/Read drawing to/from memory (BLOB fields)
  • Print Preview
  • Use Paper space layouts to prepare paper sheets ready for printing
  • Clipboard copy and paste
  • Undo-Redo buffer saves 100 commands
  • Multi-language interface. Easy localization to any language.

    Dr. Keith West, Design Cad.